Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, I've gone and done it. I've created a blog. So, this is what it's like (looking around my new e-home)... I do like what I've done with the poll to the right... such a pretty blue, hold on a minute... I think I'm just slightly off-topic.

Okay, that was cheesy and this entry is not going to be the benchmark of what this blog is intended to be about, but it is an accurate microcosm of where it could go. For the first entry here at Slightly Off-Topic, I'm going to try and explain what this blog is going to be about, but I'm not sure I completely know how this is going to end up.

First, this is a not a personal blog. I'm not going to wake up in the morning, tell you about what my cat did to wake me up, release a bunch of pent up anger and hope that an e-reader symphathizes with the plight, or lack thereof, that is my life.

In fact, this first entry is probably the closest thing to a personal blog that you will ever read at Slightly Off-Topic, assuming you've come this far. That said, professionalism and creativity in journalism are generally associated with different ends of the spectrum. This blog will not bow to such a claim. Creativity is paramount in parts of both of my jobs, but balance is even more important.

You read, I am a relatively young (25 years old) aspiring sports broadcaster. Currently, I cover NCAA Division II athletics and local high school game as well. Right now, we are in basketball season. Baseball is just around the corner. For those two sports, I provide the role of a play-by-play radio man. For football in the fall, I am an analyst. This is my job... how I eat, how I live, how I exist in our world today.

Becoming a sports broadcaster has since opened my eyes to the disparity at which sports can be seen from the analytic, supposedly objective, viewpoint of a broadcaster and the emotional, sometimes irrational, eyes of a fan.

Slightly Off-Topic is an attempt to bridge that gap. To give fan commentary in a professional manner and to battle fan tendencies in the professional setting... essentially, we are going to be talking a lot of Thrashers hockey. What can I say... it's the best, well not now, but I have some ideas on how it could be.

However, as the name suggests, Thrashers hockey is not the only topic of discussion. If that is what you are here for, just click over to the right and go to all of the topics with the label "Thrashers" but I will also delve into the national sports scene including but not limited to Division I and II NCAA athletics, NFL, NBA, MLB, and, of course, NHL as well as a look into the rocky road of broadcasting.

These entries will most likely be discussionary topics rather than analytical breakdowns. The Thrashers stuff will probably be more in-depth.

If you think you may like it, please come back, but don't feel obligated. There will be times of silliness and times of seriousness. As always, these posts are going to reflect my opinions and any and all feedback is welcome. I'll try to stay as focused as I can, but afterall... I am always just Slightly Off-Topic.

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