Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poll Results

The voting is in and Colby Armstrong was the winner. The question posed was which current Thrasher is the best fit for the Peverley and Kovalchuk line? Since the poll was posted, John Anderson has since blown up the line combinations.

Most recently, Ilya is playing to the left of Todd White and Bryan Little. Peverley is centering Slava Kozlov and Joe Motzko, while Armstrong stays on the third line with Marty Reasoner and Colin Stuart.

We'll see how the lines change when Jimmy Slater gets back into the mix and also after the trade deadline. Hopefully this team can pick up or call up some players for the future (immediate and long-term).

The poll results:

Chris Thorburn - 2 vote - 22 percent
Bryan Little - 1 vote - 11 percent
Colby Armstrong - 6 votes - 66 percent
Joe Motzko - 0 votes -0 percent

I shall concoct a new poll in a day or two. The cauldren of question has not spoken to me as of yet.


  1. Zim,

    Do you think the constant line changes could possibly hurt us into next season? From a fan point of view, I think it would be best to keep lines together from the start of the season. If they get sick of each other, do a switch-up in the middle of the season and change it back.

    But we haven't even had a line that was consistently together besides Kozlov-White-Little, and now that they're broken up, what do we have to build on next season? More line changes?

    This season has been harrowing all around. Sometimes I wonder if we're even ready to rebuild next year.

  2. There are many factors that go into the makeup of the lines and line changes... with your inspiration, I'm going to a blog entry on what goes into making lines and what I believe is going on with John Anderson and his shuffling of lines. However, I'm probably not going to be able to get to it until later this week.

    I've got part two of the Future of the Thrashers defense coming up tomorrow.